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Mar 10


Contrary to popular belief, I am still walking on this earth and breathing oxygen.  I just happen to work nearly every spare moment of my day and I’m a full time student.  However, I have some EXCITING news to share! What little spare time I have, has been devoted to preparing for a special trip.  In two months, I will be boarding a plane for Sarajevo, Bosnia.  Maybe you’ve never heard of Bosnia and don’t know where it’s located!  (Someone asked me the other day if Bosnia was in Africa!  Africa would be an amazing place to visit, but it’s not located there!) Bosnia and Herzegovina is located just south of Croatia and west of Serbia, near the Mediterranean Sea, in southeastern Europe.    

You may also be wondering why I’m going there.  Good question. Bosnia is an incredibly needy country and they have experienced many hardships and atrocities in the last few decades.  The country is predominantly Muslim; with only a handful of Bosnians identifying themselves as Christians.  I will be traveling overseas with a group of individuals from Campus Crusade for Christ and we’ll be working with students at the University of Sarajevo.  

Now onto the details.  

I will be leaving May 15th and will be returning June 30th, and I have to raise $5000 before then (I am in the process of creating an online account for donations and will keep you posted).  I am hoping to use this blog to update friends, family and my followers on my adventures.  Part of this trip will include a lot of creative things, including photography.  I know I’ll be excited to share when I can!  Please be praying for me as I prepare for this trip!

May 4

I’m going to Bosnia in 11 days!

May 14

so, this is it.

tomorrow, i leave. today, i finish packing. and enjoying the last sights and smells of the place i call home. (i love smelling the lilac and cherry blossoms!) many people automatically assume i’m excited, and i am. but i still have some lingering trepidation and the process of leaving one’s family and friends for six weeks is still bittersweet.

i am going “alone”. i do have twelve other team members, but i know none of them. technically i do now, thanks to facebook, but we’ve never met. i tend to be more introverted and i could see myself attempting to place distance between myself and the rest of the team. but i’m realizing that they are about to be my family whether i like it or not. and so, i should embrace them and build bridges rather than create islands.

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